Professional Online Mixing & Mastering

1) Submit Your Vision: Fill out the form below, providing as much detail as possible. Share your musical aspirations, preferences, and artistic nuances. The canvas is yours; let’s paint it with sound.

2) Our Engineer’s Overture: Once your form and project land in our hands, our seasoned engineers step into the spotlight. They’ll analyze your requirements, fine-tune their instruments, and prepare to orchestrate your sonic journey.

3) Harmonizing the Details: Ironing out the wrinkles—our engineers collaborate with you to ensure every note aligns perfectly. We’ll discuss nuances, preferences, and creative flourishes. When the symphony is in harmony, we proceed.

4) Payment Crescendo: Like a well-composed chord progression, we accept payment. Your investment fuels the magic. With each beat, we’re one step closer to your masterpiece.

5) Watermarked Previews: We’ll send you watermarked mixes—teasers of the grand finale. Listen, feel, and immerse yourself. When your heart nods in approval, we’re ready for the grand reveal.

6) The Full Track Unveiled: Drumroll, please! When you’re happy, we’ll lift the curtain. Your fully mastered track emerges—a sonic testament to your artistry.

Contact us if your project is over 2GB.