• Euphonix System 5 Console
  • Full automated mix and recall of entire mix
  • 4 band parametric EQ on every channel
  • Hi/Low/bandpass/notch filters on every channel
  • Compression with gate/expander on every channel
  • Euphonix AM713 AD converters
  • Euphonix MA703 DA Converters
  • Euphonix FC726 Digital Format Converter
  • Euphonix MC524 Comms Interface
  • RME HDSPe MadiFX – Zero latency
  • Colin Broad RM-6 for Sony 9-pin MMC sync to DAW’s
  • Rosendahl NanoSyncs HD master clock
  • SSL2+


  • Genelec main monitoring system – 1038B’s, 7071A
  • Audix PH-25 Near Field monitors


  • Nuendo 12.0.70
  • WaveLab Pro 11.2
  • Halion 7 Sampler
  • Groove Agent 5.1.11
  • 1000’s of plugins from Waves, TC Electronic, Steinberg, Lexicon, Fabfilter, Slate Trigger 2, iZotope and SSL

Outboard Gear

  • TC Electronic System 6000 MKII Reverb/Mastering Processor
  • TC Electronic Finalizer Mastering Processor
  • API 550B EQs
  • API 527 Compressors
  • Avid Eleven Rack
  • Roland A-90 88-Key keyboard controller


  • Euphonix ML-530, 24 channel Mic Pre
  • Neve 1073 Mic Pres
  • API 512C Mic Pres
  • API 3124+ Mic Pres
  • Focusrite ISA-828, 8 channel Mic Pre with AES/EBU

Peter Rubbo (Owner/CEO) has been a life long musician who studied with some of the best mentors in the business. He started learning the drums from the age of five and still continues the study into the art with a focus on jazz, rock, and metal music. He’s highly recognized as top tier Grammy-nominated drummer and is contracted to perform on numerous projects each year.

Peter played in the live show circuit for years where he developed his chops. He decided to build his first studio in 1991 out of Brockton Massachusetts. In 2000 he moved his studio to its new home in Bridgewater, Ma.
After 40 years in the industry and Grammy-nominations, he continues to produce some of the best recordings in the industry.

Peter is also the founder of R Productions and is a renowned engineer and producer with countless studio credits.