12.0.10🎛️ Studio Equipment at R Productions 🎚️

  1. Console:

    • Euphonix System 5: Fully automated mix and recall capabilities.
    • 4-Band Parametric EQ: Available on every channel.
    • Hi/Low/Bandpass/Notch Filters: Enhance precision.
    • Compression with Gate/Expander: Craft dynamic soundscapes.
    • Euphonix AM713 AD Converters and MA703 DA Converters ensure pristine audio conversion.
    • Euphonix FC726 Digital Format Converter for seamless connectivity.
    • RME HDSPe MadiFX: Zero latency for real-time creativity.
    • Colin Broad RM-6: Sony 9-pin MMC sync integration.
  2. Monitors:

    • Genelec 1038B’s and 7071A: Main monitoring system.
    • Audix PH-25 Near Field Monitors: Precision listening.
  3. DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations):

    • Nuendo Pro 13.0.30
    • WaveLab Pro 12.0.10
    • Halion 7.0.10 Sampler
    • Groove Agent 5.2.0
    • Extensive Plugin Library: Waves, TC Electronic, Steinberg, Lexicon, Fabfilter, Slate Trigger 2, iZotope, and SSL.
  4. Outboard Gear:

    • TC Electronic System 6000 MKII: Reverb and mastering prowess.
    • TC Electronic Finalizer: Mastering excellence.
    • API 550B EQs and API 527 Compressors: Legendary analog processing.
    • Avid Eleven Rack: Versatile guitar processing.
    • Roland A-90 88-Key Keyboard Controller: Creative versatility.
  5. Preamps:

    • Euphonix ML-530 (24-Channel Mic Pre)
    • Neve 1073 Mic Pres
    • API 512C Mic Pres
    • API 3124+ Mic Pres
    • Focusrite ISA-828 (8-Channel Mic Pre with AES/EBU)

At R Productions, our gear is more than equipment—it’s the heartbeat of sonic innovation. 🎧✨

🎵 Peter Rubbo: Orchestrating Excellence 🎵

From the rhythm of childhood drumbeats to the symphony of Grammy nominations, Peter Rubbo’s journey has been a harmonious blend of passion and mastery.

The Drummer’s Overture
At the tender age of five, Peter’s hands found solace in drumsticks. His mentors—the maestros of rhythm—shaped his musical soul. Jazz, rock, and metal became his canvas, and he painted with percussive brilliance. Soon, he was no longer just a drummer; he was a heartbeat in search of a stage.
The Live Show Symphony
Peter’s sticks danced across stages, weaving melodies into memories. Night after night, he honed his chops, creating crescendos that echoed through concert halls. The live circuit was his proving ground—a place where rhythm met adrenaline, and applause became his encore.
The Studio Sonata
In 1991, Peter’s vision crystallized. He built his first studio in Brockton, Massachusetts—an acoustic sanctuary where sound waves whispered secrets. Artists flocked to his door, seeking sonic alchemy. And Peter, with a conductor’s precision, transformed raw tracks into symphonies.
Bridgewater’s Crescendo
In 2000, destiny called. Peter relocated his studio to Bridgewater, Ma. The walls absorbed decades of melodies—the laughter of collaboration, the tension of creativity, and the quiet hum of Grammy dreams. His name became synonymous with excellence.
The Producer’s Score
Beyond the drum kit, Peter donned the producer’s hat. His credits adorned album covers like golden notes. Countless artists found their voice within his soundproofed walls. Each fader tweak, each EQ curve—it was Peter’s artistry, etched in soundwaves.
R Productions: His Magnum Opus
Peter Rubbo, the founder, CEO, Chairman and chief engineer and producer of R Productions, isn’t just all of the above; he’s a sonic architect. His legacy reverberates in every track, every lyric, every heartbeat. For four decades, he’s woven magic—Grammy-nominated, industry-defining magic.

🎧🌟 R Productions: Where Peter’s rhythm meets your melody. 🌟🎧

Peter Rubbo, renowned not only as a studio engineer but also as a famous studio drummer, brings rhythm and groove to every beat. His sticks have graced legendary tracks, making him a heartbeat in the music industry. 🥁

Peter Rubbo: Your Studio Drummer on Call. 🥁